Transition Care Program Client Information And Agreement

If the individual wishes to continue the program, the TCP client information and agreement document will be signed, individual objectives agreed upon and a care plan will be developed. TCP Care Coordinators work with clients and family care providers and caregivers to determine client-oriented goals, develop a personalized care plan and personalized service package that can include: Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service is the recognized organization for the Transition Care program and employs a multidisciplinary team of case managers who coordinate the client`s care package. Therapy and assistance services are provided by mediation service providers under a contract with the Queensland Health Care Program (CPR) to optimize the functioning and independence of older adults after hospitalization. Transition Care is focused, time-limited and therapy-oriented. It provides seniors with a range of services that include low-intensity rehabilitation. Therapy can be provided either in the person`s home, in the facility or in both during the duration of the program. The program allows using to exploit its potential and allows more time to make decisions about their long-term care options. TCP costs are covered by a grant from the Commonwealth and the Victorian government. However, the Commonwealth government also requires daytime assistance for people who can pay. The Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS) determines the initial authorization, and then a member of the TCP team will meet with the individual to discuss the program in more detail. In addition, the cost of medical services, such as pathology, radiology and pharmacies (prescription) drugs are not included in the TCP and you will be required to pay separately.

If you are on your safety net, please inform your health care coordinator. Services include case management, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, linguistic pathology, dietetics, psychology, nursing and social work. Other services that can be provided during the program are showers, cleaning, purchases, transportation, mandatory equipment and wound supply, depending on the needs identified in the assessment. This is a time-limited program with clients who are typically on the program for 6 to 8 weeks (with a 12-week cap), depending on the requirements. Client contribution, which is calculated at 17.5% of a single pension, includes services, equipment rent, continence aids and injury care associations The goal of the Long-Term Care Program (TCP) is to minimize the number of seniors who are living an excessive and prolonged period of stay in hospital or who are admitted to retirement early at home. TCP provides acute care to promote the independence of older adults after hospitalization and is a targeted, temporary and therapeutic program. TCP can be offered at home (at home) or in a bed-based environment and allows seniors to spend more time in a non-hospital environment to complete or complete their access to and access to long-term care. Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. (office is closed on weekends and holidays) Transitional Care is offered in six health services in the Grampians area:Ballarat health services 03 5320 385 1Hepburn Health 03 5321 6544Wimmera Healthcare Group 03 5381 9294Stawell Regional Health 03 53588604Ballan District Health and Care 03 5366 7920Beaufort and Skipton Health Service 03 5349 1665 Transition Care Program6-8 Waterfall RoadNambour 45 60 65 years (over 45 years for Aborigines or Torres Strait Islander) Do not change them: the data is automatically extracted from the file “/sunshinecoast/includes/” and are posted here.

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