Strategic Partnership Agreement Texas

(f) A strategic partnership agreement may include: 3) a “strategic partnership agreement,” a written agreement described in this section between a municipality and a district. (2) After two public hearings on this matter, the municipality and the county enter into a written agreement on the collection of taxes. (1) must not require the borough to provide revenue to the municipality solely for the purpose of obtaining an agreement with the municipality for the annexation of the district;  and (2) “limited district,” a district that remains under a strategic partnership agreement after the total annexation by a municipality, in accordance with the provisions of a strategic partnership agreement. (n-1) After the conclusion of the term of an agreement between a municipality and a district by subsection (n), the Landkreis and the municipality can extend the contract for a period of no more than ten years.  An agreement can only be renewed once after this subsection. (g) A strategic partnership agreement providing for the creation of a restricted district, in accordance with subsection (6), contains provisions providing: (j) unless this section is limited or the terms of a strategic partnership agreement are not limited, a district annexed for limited purposes by a municipality and a restricted district has all functions and may perform all functions. , powers and powers that are otherwise vested in a district. (4) the annexation of commercial real estate in a district for full purpose by the municipality, notwithstanding any other provision of this code or water regulation, except for the obligation for the municipality to provide, directly or in agreement with other administrative units, the full provision of municipal services to the annexed territory, instead of annexation of residential property or payment of a residential property levy instead of the annexation of residential property in The subsection of this subsection; c) A strategic partnership contract is only effective when it is adopted by the governing bodies of the municipality and county.  The agreement is recorded in the landkreis or landkreises files, in which the land is located in the district, and binds each owner and future landowner who, at the time of the agreement`s entry into force, is within the district`s borders.

(s) Notwithstanding laws other than Section 43.083, the procedures prescribed in sub-chapters C-3, C-4 and C-5 do not apply to the annexation of an area in this section.

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